My Bills


Designates May of each year "Military Appreciation Month" in New Jersey.

A622 Acs (ACS)

Prohibits sale of certain products containing dextromethorphan to minors under 18 years of age.

A709 AcaSa (2R)

Requires pharmacies and prescribers to notify patients about how to ensure proper and safe disposal of unused prescription drugs.

A815 AcaSca (2R)

Requires municipalities which license peddlers and solicitors to accept certain background check results from other municipalities.


Enacts the "Jessica Lunsford Act;" imposes mandatory term of imprisonment; provides for negotiated reduction of mandatory term under certain circumstances.


Clarifies that electronic funds transfers are included within the scope of the
statute concerning issuing or passing bad checks.


Clarifies that electronic funds transfers are included within the scope of the
civil statute concerning issuing bad checks.

A2481 AcsAaSca (ACS/2R)

Provides remedies for certain fraudulent financing statements.

A2915 AcaSca (2R)

"Uniform Trust Code."


Permits the incorporation of psychologists.


Criminalizes bestiality.

A3271 Aca (1R)

Increases and modernizes solvency requirements for certain insurers and
authority of DOBI Commissioner to regulate insurer solvency.

A3840 Aa w/GR (2R)

Prohibits religious entities from engaging in certain practices involving cemeteries, funeral homes and mortuaries, memorials, mausoleums and burial vaults.


Eliminates mortgage guaranty insurance coverage cap of 25% of outstanding balance of insured loan.

A4089 AcaAa (2R)

Revises certain provisions of dental service corporation law.

A4275 AcaAca w/GR (3R)

"New Jersey Secure Choice Savings Program Act"; establishes retirement savings program for certain workers.

A4375 Aca (1R)

Upgrades crime of false public alarm under certain circumstances and establishes reporting requirements concerning crime.


Authorizes New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Trust to expend certain sums to make loans for environmental infrastructure projects for FY2016.


Appropriates funds to DEP for environmental infrastructure projects for FY2016.


Appropriates $88,592,361 from "Garden State Green Acres Preservation Trust Fund" and various Green Acres bond funds for local government open space acquisition and park development projects.


Designates State Route 173 between Clinton and Phillipsburg as "173rd Airborne Brigade Highway."

S939 Sca (1R)

Designates Black Swallowtail butterfly as State Butterfly.

S1050 Sca (1R)

Extends for five years expiration date of special appraisal process for Green Acres program and farmland preservation program for lands in Highlands Region; makes change to special appraisal process for certain farmers.


Authorizes counties to establish mosquito control reserve fund.


Appropriates funds to DEP for environmental infrastructure projects for FY2015.


Authorizes New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Trust to expend certain sums to make loans for environmental infrastructure projects for FY2015.


Designates U.S. Route 22 bridge, Easton-Phillipsburg Toll Bridge, as
"Sergeant William John Cahir Memorial Bridge."

S2260 Sca w/GR (2R)

Modifies certain fees charged by, and requirements imposed on, check casher licensees.

S2453 Sca (1R)

Requires earlier mandatory polling hours for school elections; requires discretionary additional polling hours be consistent with current primary and general elections.


Authorizes optometrists to continue prescribing medications containing hydrocodone.


"Certificates of Insurance Act;" governs use of certificates of insurance; provides DOBI with enforcement authority.


Designates third full week in March as "Horticultural Therapy Week."

A1545 AcaAaAaSca (4R)

Revises law concerning certain professional and occupational licenses.

A2024 Aca (1R)

Permits certain military funeral buglers to receive New Jersey
Honor Guard Ribbon.


Appropriates funds to DEP for environmental infrastructure projects
for FY2013.


Revises "New Jersey Transportation Trust Fund Authority Act."

A3352 AcaAcaAaScaSa (5R)

The "Human Trafficking Prevention, Protection, and Treatment Act."

A3362 AcaSca (2R)

Exempts certain properties acquired by municipalities from county, school,
and fire district taxes immediately upon aquisition.


Allows nonpublic schools to participate in joint purchasing agreements
entered into by two or more school districts.

A3558 AcaAa (2R)

Provides for licensure of pediatric respite care facilities.


Appropriates $38.5 million from "2009 Farmland Preservation Fund" and
"Garden State Farmland Preservation Trust Fund" to State Agriculture
Development Committee for county planning incentive grants.


Appropriates $16,250,000 from "2009 Farmland Preservation Fund" for
planning incentive grants to municipalities for farmland preservation purposes.

A3788 ScaSa (2R)

Codifies regulation exempting firearms records from State's open public
records law.


Appropriates $1,393,084 from 2009 Historic Preservation Fund to provide
historic site management grants for certain historic preservation projects.


Designates January 21 of each year as "Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity
Disorder Awareness Day."

S69 ScaAcaAa (3R)

Increases fine and imposes license suspension for talking or texting on
hand-held device while driving.


Permits veterans' organizations to use net proceeds from games of chance for
organizations' support.


Designates State Highway Route 31 as the "Tri-County Purple Heart
Memorial Highway."


Designates portion of U.S. Route 206 bypass in Hillsborough Township as
"Peter J. Biondi Bypass."


Permits local units to enter into joint agreements to purchase fire equipment.

S1981 Sca (1R)

Authorizes New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Trust to expend certain
sums to make loans for environmental infrastructure projects for FY2013.

S2092 Sca (1R)

Lieutenant Scott Jenkin's Law; creates certain new criminal offenses aimed at
theft from cargo carriers; amends theft statute.


Appropriates $55 million from "2009 Green Acres Fund" for local
government open space acquisition and park development projects, and
approves $2,400,800 from 1995 bond act for coastal blue
acres projects.


Appropriates $8,930,975 from "2009 Green Acres Fund" for grants to certain
nonprofit entities to acquire or develop lands for recreation and
conservation purposes.


Appropriates $45 million from "2009 Green Acres Fund" and $12 million
from "2009 Blue Acres Fund" for State acquisition of lands for recreation
and conservation purposes, including Blue Acres projects.

S2286 ScsScaAa (SCS/2R)

Creates craft distillery license.


Concerns assessment of penalties for certain fraudulently obtained
unemployment benefits and requires recovered penalties deposited into
unemployment compensation fund.

S2816 Sca (1R)

Authorizes NJ Environmental Infrastructure Trust to expend certain sums to
make loans for environmental infrastructure projects for FY2014.

S2817 Sca (1R)

Appropriates funds to DEP for environmental infrastructure projects
for FY2014.

A4297 Acs (ACS)

"Caylee's Law;" upgrades penalties for failing to report a death;
criminalizes failure to report disappearance of child within 24 hours.


Requires public utility requesting rate increase to hold public hearings in every county.


Grants law enforcement agencies authority to order road closures; increases penalty for violations.


Permits board of chosen freeholders to establish "Sharing Resources" grant and loan program to encourage shared services and municipal consolidation.


Concerns unemployment insurance benefits and certain severance payments.


Concerns eligibility for unemployment insurance benefits for crossing guards.


Authorizes special emergency appropriations for the payment of certain
expenses incurred by municipalities and counties to implement municipal
consolidation, the sharing of services, and the creation of a joint meeting
under certain circumstances.


Allows certain emergency squad volunteers holding municipal elective office
to vote on emergency squad concerns.


Specifies conditions under which State, county, municipality, independent
authority, school district, or higher education institution can grant unpaid or
paid leave of absence to public employee to perform work for labor


Establishes offense of advertising commercial sexual abuse of minor.


Allows exclusion of certain alternative energy and energy conservation patent income under gross income tax and corporation business tax.


Directs removal or enhancement of electric public utility infrastructure located in flood hazard area.


Permits municipalities to enter into shared service agreement for tax assessment.


Makes it a crime of the fourth degree for a public servant, during a state of emergency, to use or make disposition of a public resource in an unauthorized manner with purpose to obtain a benefit for himself or another.


Revises procedure for transfer of terminated employees of closed local health agency to superseding local health agency.


Requires reauthorization of payroll deduction for contributions to political committees.


Requires employers provide itemized statement of certain payroll deductions for political contributions.


Concerns certain severance payments and unemployment insurance benefits.


Requires explanatory statement of employee contributions to political committees.


Directs public utilities and pipeline operators to reimburse municipalities for certain emergency services.


Provides for disclosure of person's medical records related to AIDS or HIV infection for investigations or prosecutions of crime of diseased person committing act of sexual penetration; makes crime ineligible for expungment.


Establishes certain warrant requirements for law enforcement agencies that utilize drones.


Requires person eligible for health care benefits from more than one public entity to choose coverage from only one.


Removes statutory requirement that health officers and registered environmental health specialists employed by municipalities receive maximum salary within their range within five years from date of appointment.


Removes exclusion of "nonimmigrant aliens" from qualifying for in-State tuition rates at public institutions of higher education under certain conditions.


Permits municipalities to reject proposed off-track wagering facility; removes five-year tax exemption, abatement, or payment in-lieu-of taxes for off-track wagering facilities.


Excludes deferred compensation of certain public school and federal tax-exempt organization employees from current taxation under the gross income tax.


Increases period over which compensation is averaged for calculation of TPAF and PERS pensions when member has different employer just before retirement or for fiscal years of highest compensation.


Authorizes free admission to State parks and forests for active and retired members of U.S. Armed Forces and their immediate family members.


Permits application of certain tinting materials on motor vehicle windows and windshields.


Prohibits installation and sale of wheel weights containing lead or mercury; prohibits sale of new motor vehicles equipped with wheel weights containing lead or mercury.


Prohibits transfer of individuals with developmental disabilities from out-of-State to in-State placements under certain conditions.


Prohibits tobacco use in dormitory and other student residence buildings of institutions of higher education.


Affords civil immunity to private colleges and their police officers in certain cases.


Authorizes Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy to calculate affordable housing obligations.


Directs COAH to use growth share methodology to calculate fair share affordable housing need.


Reforms procedures concerning provision of affordable housing.


Criminalizes luring or enticing mentally incapacitated person to commit act likely to be injurious to his welfare.


Exempts certain properties acquired by municipalities from county, school, and fire district taxes immediately upon aquisition.


Establishes insurance and safety requirements for companies that use digital network or software application to match passengers with drivers.


Allows commercial farmer to recover reasonable costs and attorney fees of defending against unreasonable complaints under "Right to Farm Act."


Requires Higher Education Student Assistance Authority to provide information on life insurance plans to borrowers of student loans and requires authority to contract with life insurance company to offer policies to borrowers.


Requires certain professional boards to report licensure exam passage rates.


Establishes Class Three special law enforcement officers to provide security in public and nonpublic schools.


Clarifies that first aid, ambulance or rescue squads, as entities, have immunity from civil damages in certain circumstances.


Requires evaluation of appropriateness of light frame construction for multiple dwellings and imposes moratorium on light frame construction until determination and recommendations are adopted.


Limits amount of appeal bond in civil actions to $50 million.


Requires DOH license additional angioplasty facilities, with at least one facility in each county.


Provides for appointment of certain municipal court judges at the local or county level.


Requires that police obtain warrant to seize cell phone data.


Grants prescriptive authority to certain psychologists.


Establishes a manufacturing reinvestment account program to incentivize capital investment and workforce training in New Jersey with income tax rate reductions, deferrals, and accelerated deductions.


Authorizes appointment of part-time county tax administrators.


Amends definition of "harassment, intimidation, or bullying" in Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act."


Requires personnel at gated communities and multi-unit complexes to allow service of process.


"The Highway Worker Safety Act"; increases penalties for vehicular homicide and assault by auto of highway workers; increases fines for certain highway maintenance, construction, or incident zone violations.


Proposes constitutional amendment to increase to $500 veterans' property tax deduction.


Permits county commissioners of registration and boards of election to conduct "Electronic Poll Book Demonstration Project" in certain districts during 2015 election cycle; requires Secretary of State's review and approval of proposed projects.


Commemorates 63rd anniversary of United States Small Business Administration and 53rd anniversary of National Small Business Week.


Designates third full week in March as "Horticultural Therapy Week."


Urges Congress to pass legislation requiring publicly traded corporations to disclose all political contributions made thereby.


Urges federal government to provide increased funding for preschool, full-day kindergarten, and community college programs.


Urges US DOT to promulgate regulations concerning transport of crude oil by rail that ensures safety of NJ residents who live along railroads.


Opposes PennEast Pipeline project in NJ.


"New Jersey Library Construction Bond Act"; authorizes issuance of $125,000,000 in general obligation bonds to finance capital projects at public libraries; appropriates $5,000.


Provides for licensing of pool and spa service contractors, and pool and spa builders and installers.


Provides that certain permits and approvals for critical infrastructure projects
must be acted upon within 45 days.


Requires screening of certain high-risk pregnancies and reporting of fetal


Refines five-month window established by Supreme Court begins after trial court establishes standards.


Prohibits MVC from imposing duplicate license or identification card fee and digitized picture fee if duplicate is requested to reflect change in organ donor status.


Requires institutions of higher education to provide greater assistance to
certain students with military obligations.


Gives priority to applicants for firearms purchaser identification card and permits to purchase handguns when domestic violence restraining order is in effect.


The "Safe Playing Fields Act"; restricts use of lawn care pesticides at child
care centers and certain schools, playgrounds, and recreational fields.


Dedicates $140,000 of revenue from motor vehicle violations to DHS for
brain injury services.


Requires that certain information be redacted from motor vehicle accident reports submitted to the public.


Requires certain health care facilities to provide information concerning palliative care and hospice services.


Creates "Comprehensive Anti-Nepotism Act."


Concerns eligibility for unemployment benefits for certain seasonal workers.


Requires health care practitioners to discuss risk of addiction when prescribing certain drugs to patients who are minors.


Prohibits payment to public employees at retirement for certain unused sick
leave, provides for forfeiture of payment for unused sick leave for certain
criminal convictions, and requires documentation for use of sick leave.


"Consumer Access to Health Care Act"; eliminates requirement of joint
protocol with physician for advanced practice nurses to prescribe medication.


Designates "I'm From New Jersey" as the State song.


Requires accountability of NJSPCA and county societies for prevention of
cruelty to animals to Attorney General and county prosecutors, respectively.


Changes membership of, and election process for, NJSPCA board of trustees.


Revises law concerning disposition of assets of a county society for the
prevention of cruelty to animals that has dissolved or has had its charter
revoked, canceled, or suspended.


Establishes pilot project to permit voters in military service on active duty overseas, and their eligible family members, to vote in certain elections using the Internet; makes appropriation.

A783 Aca (1R)

"Music Therapist Licensing Act."


Requires professional boards to provide for online processing of application for licensure or renewal.


Clarifies that crime victim has a right to make a victim impact statement
directly to the defendant at sentencing.


"The Reliability, Preparedness, and Storm Response Act of 2012"; requires
public utilities to file certain information concerning emergency preparedness
with BPU and increases certain penalties.


Establishes licensure for associate marriage and family therapists.


Permits increase in municipal free public library tax upon voter approval.


Establishes "Right to Try Act" permitting terminally ill patients to access investigational drugs and treatment.


Prohibits terminal leave compensation for local government employees.


Establishes Office of River Maintenance in DEP; repeals P.L.1993, c.376
concerning stream cleaning activities.


Requires condominium and homeowners' associations to provide information
to federal home loan insurance providers at no cost to potential buyers.


Provides that students attending a choice district may only play
interscholastic sports on sending district sports teams unless sending district
does not offer a sport that the choice district offers.


Includes e-mail addresses in list of confidential items to be redacted from
public records under OPRA

A1839 Aca (1R)

Revises statutes regarding practice of physical therapy.


"Out-of-network Consumer Protection, Transparency, Cost Containment and Accountability Act."

A2224 Aca (1R)

Establishes "Secondhand Valuables Transaction Reporting Task Force."


Revises "Electronic Waste Management Act."


Permits charging late fee for rental payments due on self-service storage units and authorizes sale of property via website.


Requires prescribers to discuss addiction risk associated with certain drugs prior to issuing prescription to minor patient.


Provides for special session of Legislature to consider property tax relief and


Applies to Congress for an Article V Convention of States to limit certain
powers of the federal government and terms of office.


Urges parties to 1954 U.S. Supreme Court Decree to address ongoing risk of
Delaware River Basin flooding.

AJR13 Aca (1R)

Creates 13-member "New Jersey Elections Study Task Force."

AR21 Aca (1R)

Urges United States Congress to dedicate additional federal funds for
highway maintenance and infrastructure improvements in New Jersey.